Previous Individual and Group Art Shows, Commissions and Events
Hull MiniPrint Exhibition
Taste Shropshire Magazine – illustrations commissioned
Down to Earth Gallery, Whitchurch, Shropshire
The Lodge at Dearnford Lake
Shropshire Wildlife Trust
Bear Steps Gallery, Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK
5 Large-scale outdoor Murals Sundorne Infant school
Second MailArt project
Twitter 140 exhibition Grandon Gallery, Flagstaff Arizona
Big Draw, Shrewsbury Schools
Works shown at Zoo Zurich as part of Giant Egg Exhibition
Year-long residencat Ditherington Flax Mill, Shrewsbury SY1
New Gallery, Woodbridge Suffolk
Mailart exchange USA
Ditherington Flax Mill, Shrewsbury SY1 show of artworks by FlaxMill Arts
Art club 5/6 yr olds, Sundorne Infant school
Workshops in Schools continue and Art Clubs
Travelling show of work based around Ditherington Flaxmill in community venues
North Shrewsbury Friendly Neighbours elders group, creating reminiscence art works
Ditherington Flax Mill, Shrewsbury SY1 10 am -4pm both days, show of artworks
Visual Arts Network Gallery, Market Hall, Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK
Photography work at Shrewsbury Coffee House, 5 Castle Gates, Shrewsbury UK
7 pieces of work Bridgnorth Music and Arts Festival
Collaborate, part of group exhibition at the Hive, 5 Belmont Shrewsbury
Billboard Art Project, Baton Rouge, USA, Large format artwork shown on billboard
Christmas show VAN Gallery, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Onwards and Upwards, with Paola Alessanri-Gray and Svetlana Elantseva The Hive Gallery, 5 Belmont, Shrewsbury
Work on show at VAN Gallery, Market Hall, Shrewsbury Shropshire
Twitter Art Show in Moss, Norway
Group show in Moscow
Art club 5/6 yr olds, Sundorne Infant school
Sundorne Fun Day
Participation in the Aamora Annex online gallery
Illustrations commissioned by Lootybag.co.uk