Mentoring for Counselling Students

A different type of support for those who are studying counselling. Yes I do offer counselling for counselling students and you must enlist a supervisor. This is neither counselling nor supervision – this is mentoring support. As someone who knows how flippin’ hard it is to study counselling, I understand the processes, I have an idea of the demands that are made on counselling students, the changes you may be going through and can have your back whilst it’s all whirling around.

What’s it for? It may be that it’s all good but you have questions about how to prioritise your work, set up your counselling practice, how to transition from student to working counsellor, how to network, how to get your marketing started. I’ve done this and can offer insight and support – yep your experience won’t be exactly the same as mine, however I can be your sounding board. I can’t promise you magical unicorns but I can say I’ll be by your side.

A glimpse of the magic

I’m so loaded up with work anyway will there be more? It’s up to you. Unlike my counselling sessions where there is no homework, if you feel it would help, I can offer between session tasks – you will definitely take away some points to reflect upon and some goals. I encourage you to bring your questions and let’s get started.

How much does it cost? Mentoring sessions cost £45 for one hour, I don’t expect you to book in for a block, I encourage new starters to book in for one first session and see how it feels to work with me. If you want to continue we can book in on an adhoc basis or if you pre-book, I offer six once a month or six once a fortnight sessions for the cost of five.

Can a few of us do this together to cut the individual cost? Yes, I’m open to working with groups – max 4 – just ask, let’s see how we can make it work.

Are you working face-to-face? I love to be in a room with people, due to Covid I have limited these meetings. I have found Zoom to be an amazing way to work and though it can be tiring to do a lot of these sessions in a day, well spaced-out and planned sessions are great. I work Tuesday to Friday starting at 10.15am with my last appt at 4.30pm – one 5.45pm appt is available each week.

What next? Let’s book an appointment to chat, to see if you would like to work with me, you can do this by emailing, calling or texting me directly 07724 157617