Counselling for Employees

Are you an employer, do you run a team? How about adding me to your team? I work with businesses of all sizes from all sectors.

For your employees
You may have noticed an employee seems to be struggling, maybe they’re going through a tough time in a relationship, have suffered a loss, have health problems – or perhaps you have an inkling there’s something wrong, don’t know what and would like to help but have no idea how?
No one should be told to ‘get some counselling’, this is a decision only the client can make but imagine how it might feel to be offered a lifeline when times are tough. Imagine if counselling was embedded in your work practices, if your employees knew there was someone they could talk to confidentially as a one-off or on a regular basis. I never report back to an employer, I will encourage dialogue between employee and employer where it may help – counselling is confidential.
Let’s talk about how my service can be of help, how I can strengthen and support your workforce 07724 157617 or email meĀ 

For you
As an employer things can be uncomfortable, emotions can run high, the pressures and demands can feel overwhelming. You are human too and who is there for you? The answer is I can be and remember, counselling is confidential. There may be things you just don’t want to share with your loved ones – give me your concerns to hold, let’s see if we can work out how you can go forwards feeling better about the future. Call 07724 157617 or email me to arrange to chat through how counselling can work for you.