Counselling for Students

Bring yourself – let’s work together! I’m a straight-talking, no-fluff Counsellor. It’s a massive undertaking to train as a Counsellor, that’s why I offer a reduced price service for Counselling Students with a further discount where a block of sessions are booked. I am based in Shropshire, UK and offer easy access working nationwide with student-clients online via Zoom or Skype.

Studying counselling brings self-awareness and can be a life-changing time for many people. Students describe it as both a ‘revelation’ and a ‘rollercoaster’. Having a qualified counsellor by your side whilst you go through the learning process is often a requirement of training and can be a huge support – sometimes this is the first time a student-counsellor has experienced counselling, for most students it’s important for them to know how it feels to be the client.

During this process I am happy to provide a letter to your college to confirm the number of sessions you have attended, the content of our sessions is confidential and will not be discussed with your college.

If you would like to see me for counselling, you may book an appointment by emailing, calling or texting me directly 07724 157617

Due to Covid-19. I’m offering online or phone counselling only- more info here.