Aamora Triptych (illustration and photography)

A collaboration for the Aamora Triptych challenge which was accepted and shown on the wonderful website which showcases the work of professional artists.
Paola created the beautiful colours with her camera, I drew the illustrations and we worked on the words together. The other artist is … shadowy…
The work is being used by a professional business coach in her sessions about Transactional Analysis to illustrate game-playing in business.
A collaboration between
Carla Boulton
Descended from Flemish horse dealers and English farmers. Carla likens herself to a warm wind, enveloping those around her in a firm and guiding way. A multi-skilled graphic designer and artist for 25+ years working in marketing and branding. Also works with children in schools instilling a love of creativity and freedom. A successful illustrator and painter, photographer with a keen sense of darkness and humour.
Paola Alessandri-Gray
Italian. Degree in architecture, string of other qualifications, ranging from nutritional therapy, to horticulture, to health promotion, teaching, motivational interviewing and others. Inherited passion from photography from father and grandfather – second artistic love is printmaking – leading a double life as a serious public servant and a committed artist – has been cycling for over 40 years, singing choral music for over 30, living in England for over 20 and practicing yoga for 10+
The Angry Dwarf
This artist whose ever-changing identity and style is leeched from those around, works solely for their own satisfaction, never divulging their real identity, only ever appearing when gratification and adulation is on offer, quietly sliding away when aims have been reached.