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Book Design

They say everyone has a book in them … you may have a book in you, but do you know how to get it out there? Call me now on 0779 200 6698 – I can help.

Bringing your book to me


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From the moment you first make contact you can be sure that I will look after your book. I understand that it is your work and that many hours of hard graft have gone into perfecting your manuscript. You can be assured that every step of the way I will guide you to obtain the best possible value and a most desirable end product. I offer the following publishing advice and services:

Layout advice; Designing your book to send to print; Professional Proofing Service; Proof Corrections; Printing and Binding advice.

Still thinking about it?

First steps
First, make that call and discuss your book. As my clients will testify, I am friendly, knowlegeable and helpful and know how to guide you.

Joyce Cronin of Foundation for

Women’s Art for whom I produced a 72-page catalogue Art, Age and Gender, says
“…the catalogue, a mammoth task and one that was conducted entirely by email…a small miracle of modern technology, with us in London and the designer in Shropshire!”

I Provide
Competitive pricing; My best advice; Thorough guidance throughout the project.

I use your ideas coupled with my expertise to produce a saleable, elegant, good quality publication.

What next?
Design and proofing


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I will design and typeset your book. Throughout the process we will interact as the manuscript progresses from agreeing the basic style to final corrections using PDF files on email, discussions on Skype and telephone or post.

Printing and binding
The quantity, extent (number of pages) and type of book you wish to produce will define which method is best to print your book. As well as softback binders, I am in contact with fine craft binders and can, if required have books bound in either cloth or leather.

Print-on-Demand – print from a single copy upwards
This is a great low-risk way to self-publish your book and a process I have experience in and will lead you through. From designing your book through to registering the ISBN and listing it on Amazon, I will make the birth of your book truly painless.
Why not give me a call today on 0779 200 6698 or email me to talk through what you need?

A little bit more …
As well as individual authors, I have worked with Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE), Property Law Website, Coch y Bonddu Books, The Continence Foundation, Medlar Press, Debt Relief International and as a sub-contracted designer/typesetter for many other specialist publishers.